The Tammarak Group is a leading international recruitment firm that connects world class companies with qualified, top-level professionals in the design and construction industry. The people of Tammarak are qualified construction industry professionals and have the experience to understand the value of real careers, real projects and real people. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, we serve markets in Asia, UAE, and the United States.

Expertise Tammarak.

Our value lies in understanding the industry and connecting the right people. As Tammarak’s own roots extend deep into the international construction industry, we are able to fully anticipate our client’s needs and understand the importance of exceptional people working together. Our candidates are held to the highest professional standards, possessing outstanding technical skills, communication abilities, cultural understanding and professional composure.

Our Approach.

Our process is that of alignment of connection. Our work begins with a thorough analysis of our client’s needs and values. With an understanding of marketplace limitations, we focus on market potential and utilize our extensive network of executives and managers to hand-select the right people. We align not only the skillset but the values and culture of the team to bring the right people together. Throughout the process, we stay engaged and connected to ensure a seamless process.